Investments in technology enable us to efficiently produce the best tarps.

Tarps are large sheets of fabric that are waterproof. In the past, tarpaulin was usually made of canvas, but nowadays there are various kinds of tarpaulin materials: PVC, plastic and polyester. Canvas tarpaulin is a material that tends to be very heavy and strong, but to make the desired size requires a sewing process and usually costs a lot of money, while plastic and PVC tarpaulin is currently more popular because it is easier to glue it with a welding or heating machine so that tarpaulin sizes can be made as needed. In terms of strength, plastic sheeting and PVC are not inferior to canvas, so direct users prefer to use plastic or PVC because they are lighter and cost effective. Some tarpaulins are also made of polyester fabric, this material is fire retardant and can be glued by welding or heating machines, without sewing.

Our tarps are manufactured and developed under the supervision of trained experts, and our tarps are made of high quality materials using the latest technology. Available in standard specifications, our product specifications can also be customized according to customer requests.


The tarpaulin is knitted using nylon yarn and covered with a polyethylene sheet which is waterproof. This material is made of tough polyethylene which is suitable for maximum protection and safety from extreme rain conditions.



Plastic sheeting is made of knitted HDPE yarn coated with LLDPE sheet and dye. Our experts produce plastic sheeting using the latest technology and produce superior quality materials. This material is an economical choice and value for money for customers.



We offer tarpaulins made of canvas as knitted as closely as possible and vary in thickness and durability. This material is usually used for military purposes.



Loose PE knitted tarpaulin to reduce sunlight entering the inside of the material. Usually used for agricultural purposes, plantations and ponds.